3 Reasons to Prefer Silver Wheaton Corp Over Silver ETFs

In the past couple of weeks, the silver market has slowly recovered, which raised the interest of some investors to consider silver related assets such as Shares Silver Trust (NYSEMKT:SLV). For such investors, Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) may offer several advantages over a direct investment in a silver ETF. Let’s review three of these advantages.

1. It’s not just about the price of silver

One advantage is that Silver Wheaton’s valuation isn’t solely based on the direction of precious metals prices. It also relies on the company’s decisions such as singing new streaming agreements with bullion miners. If Silver Wheaton continues to augment the amount of attributed silver produced (under its silver streaming contracts), this could raise its valuation. This year, it plans to moderately increase its silver equivalent ounces sales by roughly 0.5% to 36 million ounces. This growth rate isn’t high but could pick up if the company were to enter into new streaming agreements. Back in 2013 the company’s production guidance was 33.5 million ounces of silver equivalent ounces sales, and it achieved 35.8 million ounces — 6.8% higher than its annual expectations.

2. Not just silver

The company doesn’t solely sell silver; it also sells gold. This year, gold is expected to account for 27% of its total revenue and by 2018 it will account for 33%. Moreover, in the past year, the gold market has outperformed silver (e.g. in 2014 (up to date) the price of gold rose by 6% while silver by only 1.9%). This means, investors, who think of adding a mixture of silver and gold in their portfolio, could benefit from Silver Wheaton’s diversity.

3. Dividend payment

Unlike silver ETFs or silver options, investors of Silver Wheaton also receive a dividend payment, which is based on a percentage (20%) of its average operating cash flow from the past several quarters. This kind of dividend payment also allows the company to reduce its payments, when the price of silver comes down. In the past quarter, the company paid a quarterly cash dividend of US$0.07. On a yearly scale this comes to $0.28 or a 1.23% dividend yield. This yield isn’t far off than other precious metals companies’ yield: Royal Gold (NASDAQ:RGLD) currently pays a 1.25% dividend yield. But these paychecks are better than none when investing in silver ETFs.


Silver Wheaton offers an interesting way to invest in silver and gold. Due to the company’s business model, the risk associated with a potential rise in mining costs doesn’t impact its profit margin. Finally, the dividend payment allows its investors to take some profits off the table without losing their position in the stock.

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