Allie’s forces started the attack on Qaddafi’s forces

Following the UN decision from Friday, March 18th to enforce the no-fly zone over Libyan air, European and U.S. joint forces started their attack on Qaddafi’s forces today, March 20th.

There are reports that the allied forces unleashed their warplanes in the largest scale of military operation in an Arab country since the 2003 Iraq invasion. The US army officials state that they have launched 112 tomahawk missiles from British and US ships and submarines and hit more than 20 Libyan targets; as a result, this assault seem to have  enforced the no-fly zone over Libya.

The Libyan TV claims that there are currently dozens of causalities and hundreds of wounded due to these assaults, however it’s early to verify the numbers.

It’s still not clear for how long this attack on Libya will be, and what will be the ramifications on Libya’s stability.  But as long as the attacks will progress, the level of uncertainty will only rise and will probably reflect in the energy prices including crude oil price.



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