Carney King of Governors, Small in Japan — MM #113


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  1. Carney copying Draghi: The Bank of England introduced an overwhelming post-Brexit stimulus package and certainly beat expectations. We explain the measures, what this means and what awaits us on the road ahead. The door is open for more action, but it is unclear if they will walk the walk. There is a missing component in the program, at least at the moment.
  2. Small in Japan: The BOJ and the Japanese government did not meet the ever-hungry markets. Is the treatment too harsh or can they do a lot more? We dive into the actions of those on the forefront of monetary policy. And what happened to the third arrow?
  3. Fiscal stimulus elsewhere?: In addition to Japan, which government can provide fiscal stimulus? We cover Germany, Spain, and the US.
  4. Preview: Finally a more relaxed week, but the focus on the US consumer and some key Chinese data will keep things busy.

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