Is The Brent-WTI Spread About To Widen?

High Price of Oil barrel - 3d

The recent rally in the price of oil has also resulted in a drop in the spread between Brent and WTI. Nonetheless, this spread is still up for the year and could start to pick up again if the price…

The High Volatility of UNG Continues

gas in hands

The high volatility in the natural gas market was reflected in the price of United States Natural Gas (UNG) that changed direction with an unclear trend in the past several days. The recent withdrawal from storage was 198 Bcf, which…

Who Is Actually Seeing a Raise?

Searching for Work

The recent NFP report showed 2.2% gain in wages in the past month, which was higher than expected. But is this rise in wages trickle uniformly throughout the U.S. society? Let’s take a closer look at this issue. The chart…