Commodity Currencies, Oil Hedges and more – MM #51

Commodity currencies offer opportunities and we talk you through them. Not unrelated to the first topic, we run through the mechanisms of oil and top it off with the upcoming events.

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  1. Commodity currencies: The three different currencies, AUD, CAD and NZD sometimes follow the same path and sometimes diverge. We explain what moves them and where they stand now.
  2. Oil and hedging: Why aren’t airfare prices lower after the prices of oil fell so hard? We dive into the mechanisms of oil pricing.
  3. Next week’s events: the last week of May features quite a few interesting figures, and we guide you through them.

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Yohay and Lior hold no positions on any of the stocks and financial instruments that were mentioned on the show. The podcast should be used for general information. This isn’t financial advice.