Crude Is Cornered, But Where Is CAD? — MM #149

Oil prices are falling and OPEC is worried. What’s the story? We reveal some interesting details. And with the fall of oil, why is the Canadian dollar so strong? We discuss crude and CAD before previewing the last week of June.

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  1. Crude crumble: The price of oil tumbled down and over-supply is the main culprit. We show that it is not the only factor responsible for the spill, analysing all the factors behind the crash.
  2. Canadian courage: The Canadian dollar did lose some ground on the price of oil, but it is only a small correction in comparison to the uptrend. What factors move oil prices? We examine.
  3. Preview: Things are warming up after a quiet week: a speech by Janet Yellen, final US GDP data and durable goods orders are all spread out as the first half of 2017 draws to an end.

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