Crude oil and natural gas prices update for 9th of November

There is a continuous small increase in the crude oil price along with other major energy commodities, but still it’s a long way from the high rally that occur last week. In any case, here are the main prices and pay attention to natural gas prices as they have gone up by more then eight percent from the beginning of last week.

Oil and Gas Prices

The crude oil price (futures for December 2010), as of 14.38PM GMT, on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), is at 87.24 USD per barrel, which represents a 0.18 dollar increase or a 0.21% incline.

The WTI spot crude oil price settled yesterday at the closing of the trade at 87.31 USD per barrel, a decrease of 0.29% compare to the previous day’s rate as of 14.38PM GMT.

The ICE Brent crude oil futures for December 2010 reached 88.6 USD per barrel – a 0.225 percent increase as of 14.00PM GMT.

The natural gas futures prices also rallied a bit after it dropped yesterday and is now being traded, as of 14.38PM GMT, the Nymex Henry Hub Future price for December 2010 is at 4.12$ MMBTU(one million BTU) which is a 0.76% increase or 0.15$.