Crude oil prices sharply rise – daily recap January 26

Here is a daily recap for January 26th of the major energy commodities market and the precious metals market; most energy commodities rose yesterday, and precious metals also moderately increased:

Oil and Gas prices:

Crude oil price (WTI spot) broke its freefall yesterday and sharply inclined yesterday by 2.64% as it settled on 87.33 $/b;

WTI future price inclined by 1.32% and reached 87.33$/b; and finally, Brent oil price also increased but by 0.92% and reached 97.65 $/b.

Currently, the gap between the Brent oil and WTI is nearly 10.32$/b.

The demand for natural gas in the East coast started to pick up as the cold front entered the region, as a result the natural gas spot price (NY city gate) inclined yesterday by 23.75%.

Natural gas spot price (Henry Hub) continues to fall; yesterday it decreased by nearly 1.12%, as it settled on 4.4 USD/MMBTU.

The Nymex Henry Hub Future Price (short term) moderately inclined yesterday by 0.45% and it settled on 4.49 USD/MMBTU.

Precious Metals prices:

Gold prices moderately inclined by 0.83% and reached 1,334 $/t oz.

Silver prices, much like gold prices, rose yesterday by 1.2% and reached 27.128$/t oz.

EURO/ USD continues to moderately incline, yesterday it rose by 0.23%, while the USD weaken against the CAD, as the USD/ CAD declined by 0.25%. For a more detailed report on the EURO/USD check out Forex crunch.

A summary of yesterday’s Prices Changes:

The following table presents the main descriptive data from last business day – January 26th, for precious metals, energy commodities and exchange rates. The table includes: settled prices, daily percent change, and quantitative change in US dollars (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Natural gas spot price, Crude oil price, current Gold prices Silver prices January 26

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