Crude oil prices fall short of the 85 $/b mark – Daily recap – November 30th

Here is the daily recap of price changes:

Yesterday, crude oil prices dropped by a couple of percent points, including Europe Brent Spot Price, and by that falling short of the 85 USD per barrel mark and settling around 84 USD /b;

Natural gas prices, much like crude oil prices, preformed very similarly, showing a small fall less then 1 percent point compare to yesterday.

Precious metals continue to show an increase, this time gold prices and silver prices rose by 1.36% and 3.75%, respectively;

And finally, EURO/ US dollar continue to fall as the Euro compare to the USD declined by 1.08%. As Europe is showing weakness as Ireland’s bailout plan from the European Union is still on the news, and there is concern regarding the possibility of other countries in the EU in need of monetary assistance.


In the following table are the main descriptive data from last business day – November 30th including: settled prices, the daily percent change compare to previous business day, and the quantitative change in US dollars of each of these prices and exchange rates (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Daily Recap of commodity daily prices and Currencies November 30th