Daily recap of major Commodities Prices and Currencies – November 22nd

Here is your quick daily recap for the main changes that occur in major commodities prices and currencies for November 22nd:

The week started with crude oil prices having a slight fall of between 0.29% and 0.49%; while Natural gas prices continue to be on the rise with nearly a 5% increase; precious metals still on the rise as well, especially silver with a 1% increase; and finally US dollar show some strength compare to the EURO and Canadian dollar.


Here is a table that describes the settled prices for the last business day – November 22nd, the daily percent change compare to previous business day (in this case Friday, November 19th) and the quantitative change in US dollars of each of these prices and exchange rates (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Daily Recap of major Commodities and Currencies November 22nd