Daily recap of major Commodities and Currencies – November 25th

Here is a daily recap along with the main figures from last business day:

  • Yesterday, crude oil prices stopped its previous fall and registered a rise of between 3.17% and 4.05%. Many attribute this sudden rise as a result of the good news published yesterday regarding improving results of the US economy’s performance in October such as an increase in consumption;
  • A mixed changed was recorded in Natural gas prices with spot prices declining by roughly 2.3%, and future prices with January delivery (Nymex Henry Hub Future) rose by 2.93%;
  • Precious metals broke their week long rise in their prices, as they showed yesterday a small decline, especially gold prices with a 0.34% decrease;
  • And finally US dollar continues to show some strength compare to the EURO with a 0.25% decline of the Euro compare to the USD. This figure is mainly regarded to the bailout of Ireland.


Here is a table that describes the settled prices for the last business day – November 24th, the daily percent change compare to previous business day, and the quantitative change in US dollars of each of these prices and exchange rates (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Daily Recap of major Commodities and Currencies November 24th