Dollar Defies Doves – On The Fed, Greece And More — MM #68

No hike didn’t mean no dollar drive higher. What’s going on? We digest the dovish Fed from all angles, before looking at the implications of the Greek elections and looking at the never resting markets.

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  1. After the Fed: The Fed did NOT raise rates and went dovish in general. But why did the dollar rise? What factors should we watch now? We cover Yellen’s bait and switch, employment (just a bit more needed), inflation (China to blame), financial markets (China to blame) and the direction of the dollar looking forward, looking at other central banks as well.
  2. Greek elections: Tsipras won a landslide victory, defeating his opponents but Greeks remain defeated. We discuss what happened and when the Greek crisis comes back from the back burner.
  3. Preview of upcoming events: China remains in the limelight and the central bank ball moves to Draghi’s court. Life goes on after the Fed and volatility remains high.

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