Erratic U.S. Jobs, Erratic Global Markets — MM #109

We move just a bit away from Brexit to digest the Non-Farm Payrolls report, talk about moves in oil and what’s going on with surging gold and its poor cousin silver.

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  1. .Is America back to work?: The headline figure came out much better than expected. Is it good enough? Not all the numbers are positive in the report. And what does it mean for the Fed? We discuss the prospects of the ever diminishing rate hike.
  2. What’s going on with gold and silver?: Precious metals enjoy trouble and Brexit in particular. But they do not always trade in tandem. What’s up with the catch up game? And what actually moves the currencies?
  3. Fluid oil: Oil is not a classic commodity anymore, falling in times of trouble. We explain the latest the latest developments in oil prices which are leaning lower.
  4. Preview: The BOE’s decision is left front and center: will they act now or wait? How bad is the situation? Speculation is quite high all. In addition, we have China’s GDP and a focus on the US consumer.

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