U.S. New Home Sales Slightly Rose in October 2011

Today, the U.S. Census Bureau updated on the number of new homes sales in the U.S during October 2011: new homes sales rose compared to September.

According to the recent report, during October 2011 the annual rate of number of U.S new home sales reached 307,000 (seasonally adjusted); this figure is 1.3 percent above the revised annual rate in September 2011 of 303,000 sales, and it was 8.9% above the annual rate in October 2010.

The median sales price of new dwellings sold in October 2011 reached $212,300.

This news demonstrates a slight growth in the U.S. home market, but since the growth rate is very modest.

This report might buoy the spirits of traders in raise some light optimism in the financial markets. The American stock markets are currently traded sharply up.

Furthermore, major commodities prices are also rising:  

Current gold price, short term futures (December 2011 delivery) is traded at $1,716.40 per t oz. a $27.9 increase or 1.65%, as of 18:37*.

Current Nymex crude oil price, short term futures (December 2011 delivery) is traded up by 1.66%, at $98.51 per barrel as of 19:32*.

Euros to USD exchange rate is currently traded down at 1.3320 a 0.6145% increase as of 19:38*.

(* GMT)

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