Fed Faking It Until They Make It? + A Brexit Brawl — MM #148

The Fed not only raised rated but put on very rosy glasses. We poke holes into the “off one” factors before moving on to discuss the mess in the UK and the torn pound.

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  1. Over-confident Fed: The Fed only gave a short nod to the the slowing inflation and then provided some excuses. Where is the confidence coming from? Is their mandate just to raise rates? To cool the stock market? We tackle this important event from all possible angles.
  2. Brexit brawl: The UK elections didn’t come out as expected. But does it open a window to a softer Brexit? On the monetary front we also have a tough dilemma: soaring prices saw a hawkish response from the BOE. But can they really raise rates as the economy is slowing? Expect more GBP volatility.
  3. Preview: A relatively quiet week allows for some reflection, but the Fed continues dominating with key speakers. Also watch out for oil inventories which have a growing impact on oil prices, as the supply glut continues.

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