Fedilemma – All You Need to Know Towards The Critical Decision — MM #67

To hike or not to hike? The answer is coming and you should get ready. The September Fed decision is here and markets are holding their breath. We cover the Federal Reserve’s dilemma about a rate hike, potential market reaction and all the moving parts. We then cover the upcoming Greek elections and finish with Brazil.

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  1. Fed preview: Will they or won’t they? There are many this versus that and we tackle them all. We also discuss the other elements of the event: the press conference and the dot plot among others.
  2. Greek elections: Greeks go to the polls for the third time this year. What’s at stake? We outline 3 scenarios and potential market reactions.
  3. Brazil: The land of samba and carnival has suffered a credit rating downgrade to “junk” and an ongoing crisis. We dive into the woes of the 7th largest economy and its correlation to other commodities’ slowdown.

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