France & Italy have entered Libyan air to enforce no-fly zone

Following the UN decision a couple of days ago to get involved in the Libyan turmoil, three countries: UK, France and Canada are preparing to enter Libya and stop Qaddafi’s air assault on the rebels.

There are reports in Alarabiya that French and Italian warplanes have entered the Libyan air and prepare to enforce the no-fly zone that was issued by the UN on Friday.

Now it will be Qaddafi’s choice to stop his attack and meet the rebels or risk getting involved with the allies’ forces. Up to now, despite the decision made by the UN for a no-fly zone over Libya, Qaddafi’s air strikes continued over Benghazi, the rebels’ capital.

If Qaddafi will not comply, this could only further escalate the Libyan turmoil and if so the level of uncertainty will only rise and will probably be reflected in the energy markets including crude oil prices.


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