German Gyrations + Nature and Natural Gas — MM #166

The euro is on the rise thanks to an upbeat situation in its largest economy. We start a tour from Germany and continue to talk about how nature moves the prices of natural gas.

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  1. German euro: A failure to cobble one German coalition might result in a return to a grand coalition, a market favorite. The economic data is even better according to GDP, PMIs, and more. The euro is gaining mostly against the dollar with its own inflation issues. The pound is trying to recover as the UK suffers more than the EU.
  2. Nature works its way on natural gas: The daily changes in the prices of natural gas may seem wild, but the range is well-defined. We examine the latest developments, including inventories, supply, and nature of course. Will the mild winter continue?
  3. Preview: The week after Thanksgiving is already busier as we enter the last month of the year. US GDP, Yellen’s testimony, and a hint for the NFP dot the calendar.

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