Gold and Silver Prices Weekly Outlook for January 9-13

Here is a weekly recap for gold and silver prices for the first week of 2011, the week of January 2nd to January 6th including changes in prices, chart analysis and highlighting the main events and news that may have affected gold and silver prices to sharply rise during last week including the rise in the U.S. manufacturing PMI that was published at the beginning of the week and the U.S. non-farm employment report, which showed that the U.S employment grew by 200,000; in this regards, the U.S. non-farm report tends to negatively related to the precious metals prices (as presented in the recent January report).


The video link above also includes a quick forecast for gold and silver prices for the second week of the year – the week of January 9th to January 13th including the main reports and events that may affect gold and silver prices during the week. Some of these reports and decisions include: ECB’s rate decision, U.S. retail sales and core retail sales report, the GB rate decision, the trade balance reports of U.S. Canada, China and UK,  and the U.S. unemployment claims weekly update (just to name a few).

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