Gold reached $1.600 mark | oil prices declined –July 18

Crude oil prices continue to zigzag as they have finished the day with moderate fall, after they had inclined on Friday; Gold and silver prices kept on rising; natural gas prices  finished the day with sharp rises.

Here is a summary of the price movements of precious metals and energy commodities for July 18th:

 Precious Metals prices:

Gold price started the week rising. Yesterday it inclined for the tenth straight business day by 0.77% to $1,602 – the highest price level in 2011. Silver price also inclined yesterday by 3.25% to reach $40.34 – the highest price level since May 4th 2011.

During July, gold prices increased by 6.6% and silver price by 15.8%.

The EURO/ USD changed direction and fell by 0.31%, as the USD appreciated against the EURO. During July the EURO/USD fell by 2.7% compared with the rate at the beginning of the month.

Oil and Gas prices:

WTI Spot oil price continued to zigzag and fell yesterday by 1.35% to $95.93 per barrel.

Due to these shifts the difference between Brent and WTI rose to $20.51/bbl.

Natural gas Henry Hub future price (August delivery) moderately decreased yesterday by 0.22% to $4.54/mmbtu. The Henry Hub spot price sharply inclined by 2.23% to $4.59/mmbtu; the gap between the spot and future price rose to $0.05. During July, natural gas spot price (Henry Hub) inclined by 7.2%.

A summary of yesterday’s Prices Changes:

The table below includes: closing prices, daily percent change, and change in US dollars (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Crude spot oil prices, Natural gas spot price, Current Gold and Silver prices 2011 July 18


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