Commodities and Euro/USD Fell on Monday–Recap July 2nd

Major commodities changed direction and declined on Monday after they had hiked on Friday. The disappointing U.S and China’s manufacturing PMI may have contributed to the decline in commodities rates. Crude oil prices including both WTI and Brent declined on Monday. Natural gas Henry Hub (August delivery) remained unchanged. Gold and silver prices also declined yesterday. The Euro depreciated against the USD. Several other exchange rates such as the Canadian dollar also declined again USD.

Here is a summary of the daily changes in precious metals and energy commodities for July 2nd, 2012:

Forex and Bullion Markets:

Gold fell by 0.41% to $1,597.7; Silver also decreased by 0.41% and reached $27.5. During last month, gold increased by 2.56% and silver decreased by 0.52%.

The Euro/USD also declined by 0.71% to 1.2576; further, the U.S Dollar fell against several currencies such as Canadian dollar by 0.06%.

Energy Commodities:

WTI oil price also decreased yesterday by 1.42% to $83.75 per barrel;

Brent oil also decreased by 0.42% to $96.59 per barrel;

Following these developments, the difference between Brent and WTI reached $12.84/bbl. During last, WTI decreased by 1.81% and Brent oil by 5%.

Finally, the Henry Hub future (August delivery) remained unchanged at $2.82/mmbtu; the Henry Hub spot also remained at $2.74/mmbtu; the difference between the spot and future reached $0.08, Contango.

A Summary for July 2nd:

The table below includes: closing prices, daily percent changes, and daily changes:

 Gold Silver Crude oil Natural gas 2012 July 2

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