Gold and the Aussie Dollar Rose on Wednesday– Recap October 10th

The major commodities prices were mostly trade up on the third day of the week: WTI oil changed direction and fell while Brent oil rose yesterday; gold and silver, on the other hand, edged up on Wednesday; natural gas Henry Hub future (November delivery) also traded up on Wednesday; the Euro depreciated again against the USD on Wednesday. Several other currency pairs including the Aussie dollar rose against the USD.

Here is a summary of the daily developments of precious metals and energy commodities for October 10th, 2012:

Forex and Bullion Markets:

On Wednesday, gold edged up by 0.01% to $1,765; Silver also increased by 0.36% to reach $34.11. During the month, gold decreased by 0.5%; silver, by 1.35%.

On Wednesday, the Euro/USD decreased again by 0.09% to 1.2874; on the other hand, the U.S Dollar depreciated against some other currencies including Aussie dollar by 0.27%.

Energy Commodities:

WTI oil price changed direction again and fell yesterday by 1.23% to $91.25 per barrel. Brent oil rose again by 0.09% to $114.14 per barrel;

Following these shifts, the difference between Brent and WTI increased to $22.89/bbl. During the month, WTI fell by 1.02%; Brent oil rose by 0.8%.

Finally, the Henry Hub future (November delivery) increased by 0.29% to $3.47/mmbtu; the Henry Hub spot rose to $3.25/mmbtu; the gap between the spot reached to $0.22, i.e. contango.

A Summary for October 10th:

The table below includes: closing prices, daily percent changes, and daily changes:

Gold Silver Crude oil Natural gas 2012 October 10

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