It’s Not All Greek To Us! Also China, Oil, Aussie & More – MM #58

We explain the current situation in the Greek crisis heading to a showdown. We make it less complicated than it seems and then explain what’s next. We then move the crisis in Chinese stocks as well as the fall in oil and the Aussie, which are all related, before closing off with a preview of next week’s events.

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  1. Greek situation: We explain what’s going on, explaining the situation and what’s on the road ahead.
  2. Chinese stocks: A total collapse despite government action was only stopped when trading in many stocks was halted. Is it the result of a speculative bubble or a reflection of the worrying state of the Chinese economy? We discuss.
  3. Falling oil prices: The black gold is on the fall again. We explain why and how a potential deal with Iran can have an impact, or not.
  4. Australian dollar: We explain the fall of the Aussie amid the RBA decision and other events, especially in China.
  5. Preview of next week’s events: It’s not all Greece. We have important US data as well as other market moving events. Stay tuned!

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Yohay and Lior hold no positions on any of the stocks and financial instruments that were mentioned on the show. The podcast should be used for general information. This isn’t financial advice.