Natural gas prices – after the rise comes the fall – Daily recap Dec 15th

Here is your daily summary for yesterday, December 15th for Major Commodity daily prices:

After the staggering increase of the New York City Gate Spot prices in the past couple of days (the largest rise was by 105%), yesterday it fell by nearly 25%.  This zigzag of this commodity price started last week. The thing is that the rest of the natural gas prices don’t fluctuate by anything near these rises and falls of the NY spot price.

To speculate, the recent rise in Natural gas could be the matter of the recent below average temperatures across the Midwest and East Coast of the US, however even then it won’t explain such volatility for a certain commodity.

Another speculation around the fluctuations of NY spot price, could be the news that the New York government decided to ban (for environmental purposes) drilling for natural gas while using hydraulic fracking (=”the injection of millions of gallons of water and sand with a smattering of chemicals”). According to Forbes, this shouldn’t have any significant effect on the natural gas prices since New York, according to the article, isn’t the biggest supplier of Natural gas.

Silver and Gold prices after a rising for the first couple of days of the week, they fell in the last couple of days, and thus showing no apparent trend for this week.

WTI Crude oil prices, much like Gold and Silver, don’t show this week any apparent trend with yesterday’s moderate rise, while Brent crude oil continue to moderately rise as it did all through this week, and now passing the 91 USD/b mark.

And finally, the EURO/ US dollar continue to fall as it decreased by 1% as the USD strengthens compare to the Euro. Further, the USD has strengthened against other major currencies.


In the following table are the main descriptive data from last business day – December 15th including: settled prices, the daily percent change compare to previous business day, and the quantitative change in US dollars of each of these prices and exchange rates (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Daily Recap of commodity daily prices and Currencies December 15th

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