NFP Nightmare, Judging Japan and Natural Gas – MM #70

We start by confronting the catastrophe called NFP and its implications. We then continue to Japan’s worsening outlook and easing prospects, follow with natural gas as autumn leaves settle in and preview the big events coming up.

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  1. NFP Nightmare: It’s hard to find a silver lining in the terrible Non-Farm Payrolls report and hard to tie it to the economy reaching full employment. We analyze the data and what it means for the Federal Reserve moving forward. Is December still on the cards?
  2. More BOJ stimulus?: Japan may have slipped into a second recession under PM Shinzo Abe and we may get more stimulus from the BOJ. We explain the situation in the world’s third largest economy and the timetable. Can this send USD/JPY out of the 120 zone?
  3. Natural gas evaporates?: Prices of natural gas, this household commodity, are also going in the way of oil prices, but this may be also seasonal. We dive into the movers of NatGas and its outlook for the next weeks.
  4. Preview: Lots of central bank action is on the cards in all corners of the world and this has the potential to raffle a lot of feathers.

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