Oil Down, Gold Up and The Upcoming Fed-Fest — MM #111

We take a break from Brexit and chopper sounds and move to commodities: oil is slipping, gold remains strong and the focus shifts back to the US. We also touch on ECB QE and preview the next events.

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  1. Oil down: The black gold is melting in the summer sun. We touch on demand forecasts from the IEA, EIA, IMF as well as supply and sentiment. All you need to know about crude.
  2. Gold up: The shiny precious metal has had a good year so far. What’s behind the move and why is it different from the gold rush of 2011. We explain.
  3. QE, is it working in Europe?: The Frankfurt version of money printing is having some effect on the market, but not everything is working as expected.
  4. Fed decision: The most important central bank in the world convenes amid improving signs at home but a whole heap of worries from abroad. How dovish will they go?
  5. Preview: Apart from the aforementioned Fed, durable goods orders, US GDP and Japan’s (probably disappointing rate decision) are on the cards in a very busy week.

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