Oil prices bounced back with rises – March 16

The financial markets keeps on rapidly changing with no apparent direction as the uncertainty in Japan continues. After crude oil prices fell on Tuesday, yesterday the Brent oil and WTI (spot and future) bounced back with rises. Natural gas spot prices also bounced back sharply, but the Henry Hub future price didn’t change; gold and silver prices also inclined.

Let’s review the main price changes in major energy commodities and precious metals for March 16th:

Oil and Gas prices:

Crude oil price (WTI spot) rose yesterday by 0.77% as it reached 97.98$/b.

Brent spot price also bounce back and increased by 2.19% to reach 110.16$/b.

As a result the difference between Brent and WTI rose to 12.18$/b – the highest level this week.

Natural gas spot price (Henry Hub) continues to zigzag as it inclined by 1.31%, to reach 3.85$/mmbtu, while the Henry Hub future price remained unchanged at 3.94$/mmbtu. Thus the gap between future and spot price fell to 0.09$/mmbtu.


Precious Metals prices:

Gold price inclined yesterday by 0.24%, and so did silver prices by 1.04%.


EURO/ USD fell yesterday by 0.31%. For a more detailed report on major currencies, check out Forex crunch.


A summary of yesterday’s Prices Changes:

The following table presents the main descriptive data from last business day – March 16th, for precious metals, energy commodities and exchange rates. The table includes: settled prices, daily percent change, and quantitative change in US dollars (except for USD/CAD, in which the change is in Canadian dollars):

Crude oil price, Natural gas spot price, Gold prices Silver prices March 16



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