Recommended posts for the weekend – July 16

The week ended with energy commodities prices rising, and bullion metals prices reaching new highs; the week also ended with news that the US CPI in June declined by 0.2%; the Fed chairman Bernanke testified in house of representatives and opened the door for a stimulus plan as a possibility if and when the Fed will see fit to use it. Here are several recommended posts regarding the forex and commodities markets of July 16th:

 In Forexcrunch, Yohay examines the changes in the EURO/USD exchange rate and the effect of the recent stress tests of European banks on the Euro;

 Kathy Lien reviews the debt conditions in Italy and compared it to other European countries;

 Michael Greenberg compares the US forex brokers’ profitability report for Q2 2011;

 Richard Rousseau examines the Indonesia and tries to answer why more investors consider it one of the most interesting and attractive emerging markets worldwide;

Gail Tverberg analyzes the relation between Peak oil prices and Peak debt;

 And finally, on Israel Business Review, I review the Israeli wages and labor market for May 2011.

 Here are additional long term articles on Trading NRG regarding major commodities for the month of July 2011:

Have a great weekend!!