Recommended posts for the weekend – July 30

Last week continued to revolve around the US debt ceiling talks and the effect this news had on the financial markets. The US GDP 2011 was published yesterday and showed a 1.3% annual growth rate in Q2011.

Here are several recommended posts regarding the forex and commodities markets of July 30th:

In Forexcrunch, Yohay provides five reasons why Ireland should follow Greece and also default on its debt. There is an additional review in Forexcrunch regarding the Japanese Yen and whether the BOJ will intervene in Japanese forex market.

Mike Shedlock talks about Brazil and its 1% tax charge on bets against the US dollar; now there are talks it may increase the tax to 25%;

John Daly asks if Venezuela will compensate American crude oil companies for the recent nationalization;

Dave Summers talks about the Hurricane seasons and its effect on offshore oil Industry;

Kathy Lien provides a historic reference to the time the US unofficially defaulted on its debt back in 1979 and the markets’ reactions;

Stuart Burns asks if gold price will have a sharp correction by the end of 2011;

And finally, on Israel Business Review, I review the recent reform in the housing market in Israel and analyze its effects it may have in the shirt and long term.

Here are additional long term articles on Trading NRG regarding major commodities:


Have a great weekend!!