Recommended posts for the weekend – July 9th

Following the busy week in which the ECB raised the interest rate to 1.5% and the US labor report didn’t show an improvement, let’s review what other writers had to say of this week. Here are several recommended posts regarding the forex and commodities markets of July 9th:

 In Forexcrunch, Yohay examines the USD/CAD exchange rate and effect of the recent Canadian employment report on it;

 Jay Norris explains us why he thinks there are no rules only edges in the forex market;

 Kathy Lien examines the rate expectations in July and shows that the market only factors in ECB to raise rate again by the end of 2011;

 Larry Greenberg compares the manufacturing production of the US with Europe’sף

 Ronald Stoeferle thinks that the current negative interest rates provide the gold market its edge to keep being strong.

 Stuart Burns, writes about China’s new development plans of Shale gas;

 And finally, on Israel Business Review, I review the Israeli natural gas market for July 2011.

 Here are additional long term articles on Trading NRG regarding major commodities for the month of July 2011:

Have a great weekend!!