Recommended posts for the weekend – June 26

The Greek debt crisis seems to have subsided for now, but it’s still far from over. Here are a several recommended posts you may find interesting as of June 26th:


Yohay Elam in Forexcrunch analyzes the growing concerns over the Greek Debt crisis, this time from Germany’s perspective;

Kathy Lien presents a chart of the QE2 program’s effect on Euros to US dollar as the QE2 is expected to end this week;

Bruce Krasting is trying to see what Obama is trying to achieve from his recent announcement and the effect it had on crude oil prices;

Larry Greenberg reviews how the peripheral currencies performed before their countries joined the European Monetary Union and after the Euro.

In Forex Pros they examine the natural gas market and the recent drop in natural gas prices;

And finally, on Israel Business Review, I check Bank of Israel’s updated forecast of the expected inflation in 2011.

Finally, here are a several long term articles on Trading NRG regarding major commodities:

Have a great weekend!!