Trump Train or Donald Derailed? — MM #130

Donald Trump is entering the White House. It happens this week and the impact on markets is already very significant. We discuss the potential moves on currencies, bonds, stocks and all the other moving parts before previewing other events in a busy week.

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  1. Donald Dollar: We have already seen a lot of impact from Trump on the greenback. We discuss major currencies such as the euro and the yen as well as the most sensitive currency: the Mexican peso.
  2. Bonds and the FED: Prices of treasuries have also wobbled quite a bit. Will yields continue rising? This also depends on the Federal Reserve where some members already priced in some fiscal stimulus. With Obamacare in the limelight, we cast some doubts.
  3. Stocks: Trump added pharma companies in addition to auto manufacturers. Will the stock market continue rising? Are there opportunities with Trump’s tweets?
  4. Preview: It’s not only about Trump: Brexit is back with May’s speech, as well as Draghi’s show and other events.

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