U.S CPI Increased by 0.4% in February – March Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published today the recent report of the U.S inflation for February 2012. According to the report the consumer price index rose by 0.4% and in annual terms the US CPI increased by 2.9%. The consumer price index without food and energy also edged up by 0.1% during February and 2.2% in the past twelve months.   

The prime reason for the rise in the U.S. consumer price index was related to sharp increase in the energy index: the energy index sharply rose by 3.2% (M-2-M) during February; in annual terms the energy index increased by 7.0%; among the energy products, the gasoline prices led the rally with a 6.0% gain during the month. On the other hand, the food index remained flat during February and it rose by 4.5% in annual terms.

The core U.S inflation (CPI sans energy and food) only slightly rose by 0.1% during February and by 2.2% during the past 12 months.

In the previous month the January 2012 CPI rose by 0.2% and the core CPI also rose by the same rate (M-2-M).

The chart below presents the development of the month to month percent changes of the U.S. CPI during 2011 and 2012.

U.S. inflation February 2012 Rate (percent) March 15 2012 This news may have some moderate effect on the direction of the U.S dollar against other currencies; furthermore, this news also didn’t appear to have much influence on gold and silver prices.

Current gold price, short term futures (April 2012 delivery) is traded at $1,655.8 per t oz. a $3.7 decrease as of 19:04*.

Current Nymex crude oil price, short term futures (April 2012 delivery) is traded up by 1.06% to $106.22 per barrel as of 19:04*.

Euros to US Dollar exchange rate is currently traded up by 0.71% to 1.3173 as of 19:04*.


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