Will Silver Wheaton Reach Its Quarterly Goals?

Silver Wheaton (SLW) has added more than 31% to its value during the year (up to date). Will its rally continue? Besides the progress in the silver market, the company’s performance in the past quarter could also impact its stock. The silver streaming company will release its second quarter earnings report on August 13th. Let’s examine the main issues related to its upcoming earnings report.

The current estimates are that Silver Wheaton’s earnings per share will reached 20 cents in the second quarter. This is slightly below last quarter’s level and inline with the EPS in the second quarter last year. If the company meets the market expectation or even exceeds it, this could pull up the company’s stock.

The table above shows the movement of Silver Wheaton’s stock the day of the release of past quarterly earnings reports and the percent changes in silver prices.

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