Black Gold Shining and Comparing QEs — MM #161

We start off with rising oil prices, diving into the reasons for the rise and what we expect for the future. We move on to the highly anticipated ECB decision and tackle it from a different angle.

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  1. Black gold shining again: Inventories are gradually coming down and OPEC want to keep going, pumping out fewer barrels. Hurricanes in the US have also taken their toll. These are not the only reasons for the optimism, also seen in future prices.
  2. Draghi drag: The ECB is set to announce a reduction in the bond-buying scheme but would like to keep the euro under pressure. We also look at the event from a different angle: is this QE effective? Would a different mechanism do more to boost the economies? We discuss alternative QE programs and compare QEs: US vs. Europe.
  3. Preview: Apart from the ECB, we have the all-important US GDP and its components can be no less important than the headline number. And there are other events to watch out for.

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