Draghi Dud and the Petrol Pendulum — MM #153

The euro is at record levels and Draghi couldn’t stop it. We then move to the changes in oil markets and the current pendulum swing.

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  1. Draghi’s failed dovishness: The ECB could not convince markets that they are dovish. Isn’t printing 60 billion euros per month dovish enough? We explain what is going on with the euro rise. Is Draghi doing everything it takes? Is the stimulus working?
  2. Petrol pendulum: Oil prices are swinging in range but some things have changed. We tackle expectations for the future (contango and backwardation), the state of supply which is shifting to new areas and projections for demand. What’s next for the black gold? We try to provide some answers.
  3. Preview: The Fed is the main event but they aren’t expected to rock the boat. Is inflation still transitory? Apart from the Fed, we have the first release of US GDP and the same goes for the UK. As always, watch out for US political news, which is moving at an accelerated pace.

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