Euro Troubles and Golden Opportunities — MM #159

We tour through Europe: Germany’s elections, France’s ambitions and the chaos in Catalonia. We then continue to talk about the action in gold prices and its potential before previewing a busy week to start Q4.

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  1. German elections: The fractured parliament created political uncertainty that hurt the euro. However, there is a silver lining with the change of guard in the finance ministry.
  2. French aspirations: The young and bold Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for a closer Europe. Can Macron and Merkel, in her last term, pull the currency bloc forward?
  3. Catalan elections: A conflict that was under the radar is now center-stage. The violent events in Barcelona and elsewhere have grabbed the attention and could add more pressure on the euro-zone, or at least on Spanish stocks and yields.
  4. Gold prices: The precious metal has been on a rollercoaster. What is behind the move? We analyze the ups and downs. A lot depends on the next moves of the Fed, but it certainly isn’t the market mover. Can it top $1350? We tackle the impact of North Korea, interest rates, and more.
  5. Preview: Apart from the aftermath of the Catalan referendum, we have a full buildup to the all-important US Non-Farm Payrolls, some Fed-speak and more. Yellen has another opportunity to reconsider.

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