Fed Day and Underwhelming Oil — MM #176

All eyes are on the Fed and we start from Powell’s first decision and continue to talk about falling oil prices before previewing the other events of the week. 

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  1. Powell in Play: A rate hike is all but certain but will they upgrade the dot-plot from three to four hikes? The Fed may be hawkish in the dots but Powell may beg to differ. We discuss inflation, wages, growth, internal politics and anything that impacts the all-important decision. Things may grind to a halt before things explode afterward.
  2. Slippery oil: While petrol prices are not experiencing huge movements, the general trend is to the downside. We analyze the recent supply developments, changes in inventories, forecasts by three different bodies and more.
  3. Preview:  Apart from the Fed decision, there a few interesting indicators in the US and lots of developments in the UK.

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