Is Europe dragging the global economy down? A virtual tour of the world — MM #188

After a hiatus, Lior Cohen and Yohay Elam return with a virtual tour around the world, kicking off in Germany and encompassing the globe. What’s next for Europe, the US, and the central bank policy?

  1. Germany in manufacturing recession: The old continent’s largest economy and powerhouse is struggling. How is it related to China and how much is it homegrown? And can Berlin change?
  2. Comparisons to the US: The world’s largest economy suffered a mini-recession in 2015-2016, with the Federal Reserve reacting and pausing. That was also triggered mostly by China. What will the Fed do this year?
  3. Does debt matter?: The US is accumulating more debt, without anybody caring. Will the same happen in Germany?
  4. ECB support: Christine Lagarde, the new chief of the European Central Bank, kicked off a strategic review. Can the Frankfurt-based institution change?

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