Is inflation rearing its ugly head? Oil is on fire — MM #178

We start by examining the recent signs of rising inflation in the US, continue with one factor that is on the rise, petrol prices, and finish with a preview for the upcoming week.

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  1. Inflation is up: At least in March, core inflation is at 2.1%, above the target. Can the Fed finally say “we told you”? We examine the ceiling vs. target question, discuss the next moves by the Fed, the role of the government with inflation (taxes, spending, trade) and everything related.
  2. Oil is rising: Blaming tensions in Syria was too easy, but supply-side issues are wider. And not everybody is aware that also demand is finally rising. We dive into all the moving parts of petrol.
  3. Preview:  The first release of US GDP stands out in a week that sees further GDP releases, the BOJ decision, and more events.

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