Oil on a Roll and Some Bitcoin Bashing — MM #170

Oil prices are on the move, reaching new highs. We begin with diving into what happened and what’s next before tackling the cryptocurrency craze, which makes rollercoasters look moderate. 

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  1. Black gold shines:  The prices of oil jumped to levels last seen in late 2014, when OPEC sent them down. Are markets already stable? We examine the inventory situation, measure supply and demand, tackle the politics of oil and discuss forecasts for 2018.
  2. Cryptocurrency madness: Bitcoin is consuming a ton of electricity and other cryptocurrencies rise and fall in movements that would require huge leverage in regular currencies. Are government-issued currencies and digital ones comparable? While the technology may be interesting, there are many holes to poke, and that’s what we do.
  3. Preview:  Housing data and consumer confidence from the US, a rate decision (and probably hike) from Canada, and China’s GDP all await us.

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