Too hot or too cold? The world is watching the Fed — MM #183

IS the Fed’s policy hawkish or dovish? We dive into the US economy and the central bank’s policy which impacts global markets and then move to oil prices.

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  1. Ahead of the Fed: The US economy is doing well, well, on most figures. But where is inflation? Is it correlated to wages? While we know the Fed will raise rates in September, the future is wide open. Should they cool down the economy or let it run? We discuss trade, fiscal policy, the mid-term elections and everything in between.
  2. Oil on the rise: The focus is elsewhere but petrol prices continue rising. We delve into recent IEA, EIA, and OPEC data and try to find the balance between supply and demand in our global tour of oil-producing countries, backwardation, and contango.

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