Volatility is back with a vengeance and the perky Pound — MM #173

Markets are rocking and rolling with high volatility coming back. We analyze what’s going on before moving to the pound and previewing a busy week.  

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  1. Markets are moving: Stocks are falling and even when they rise, the movements are much sharper than they used to be. How long will it last? Does the VIX precede the moves or exacerbate them? How is it related to the real economy? What is the role of perceived inflation here? We dive into the action.
  2. Perky pound: The BOE surprised by going hawkish. They do have a reason to push up the pound, but it remains on shaky ground especially with Brexit uncertainty.
  3. Preview:  The US inflation report is left, right, and center, the next trigger for stock markets and everything else. In addition, watch out for US retail sales, consumer confidence and quite a few other events.

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