What to Expect From the Fed, Trade, and the Brexit Saga — MM #185

The most powerful central bank is set to raise rates but there is a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty also dominates trade talks and Trump’s reactions, as well as Brexit, where everything is up in the air.

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  1. Everything to know ahead of the Fed: Is the Fed leaning to the dovish side? The economy is showing some signs of a slowdown but doesn’t discount the Fed as dovish. We analyze the economy, the Fed’s intentions, and provide our forecasts for the decision, and the all-important dot plot. Are markets leading the Fed or the other way around?
  2. Trade troubles: The US and China are getting closer, but then also hurting each other. Markets are becoming sensitive to Trump’s trade tirades, and markets also have an impact on the President. We discuss the current state of play and what we can expect from the Washington, Beijing, and markets for the next moves.
  3. Brexit: The sage of the UK’s exit from the EU has reached the skies. We bring you up to speed with the three scenarios and what we can expect as the clock ticks towards Brexit day.

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