Tradingnrg.com is a personal blog focusing on energy commodities — crude oil and natural gas — and precious metals mainly gold and silver; its purpose is providing my perspectives and insights to these commodities.

Lior Cohen Trading NRG

A bit about myself: My name is Lior Cohen and since 2016 I’m a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Barcelona. My field of research is macroeconomics and monetary policy. In the past I worked in a variety of economic related positions including economic consultant, and chief economist. In 2010 I decided to start writing about commodities — a subject that always intrigued me for their highly volatility that don’t always make sense but — for the most part — fascinating to follow. I will try here, as best as I can, to bring some clarity — or at the very least tell a compelling story backed by data and logical rigor — to these markets.

My content was featured in other financial sites including:

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Daily FX
  • FX Street
  • Stockhouse
  • Businessinsider
  • First Enercast Financial
  • Forex Factory
  • Forex Crunch
  • Finanzaonline
  • XE.com
  • Motley Fool Beta
  • Seeking Alpha

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