Silver Wheaton Is Not Solely Impacted By Silver Prices

Silver Wheaton (SLW), the leading silver streaming company, hasn’t performed well in the stock market in the past month partly due to the weakness of silver prices. But what are the other factors that could have impacted this company’s stock? Let’s examine some of these factors and also see what is up head for this company including its risks and advantages.

Correlation and Performance

In the past couple of months, the price of silver dropped by 7.6%, while Silver Wheaton fell by 3%. On a yearly scale, this streaming company has outperformance silver or Shares Silver Trust (SLV): Silver Wheaton’s stock grew by roughly 26%, while remained nearly flat. The company has outperformed silver even though the company has also distributed dividend payments. Despite these major differences, the correlation between the two time series was mostly strong.

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